4D Technology Milestones

4D Technology Corporation was founded in January of 2002 by Dr. James C. Wyant and Dr. John B. Hayes (founders of Wyko Corporation), and Dr. James Millerd and Mr. Neal Brock (founders of 4D Vision Technology), for the purpose of developing and manufacturing metrology products for applications in aerospace, astronomy and optical fabrication, as well as for semiconductors and data storage. The founders transformed optical testing by simplifying measurements and enabling laser interferometer measurements in environments that were previously impossible. 4D was acquired as a business unit of Nanometrics in 2018.

4D built a world class staff experienced in laser interferometry, optical instrumentation, manufacturing, software development, quality systems, and customer support. The world's leading aerospace, astronomy and optics manufacturers now trust their most challenging measurements to 4D Technology, including: Ball Aerospace, Boeing, ITT Industries, NASA, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Sandia National
Laboratory, University of Arizona Mirror Lab, Nikon, Tinsley, Lockheed Martin, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Steward Observatory, Corning, Alcatel, NIST, Agilent, Oceanit, and many more.

4D Technology Milestones

  • 4D Vision Technology founded in Irvine, CA to commercialize Dynamic Interferometry
  • First PhaseCam interferometer installed for testing of large telescope mirrors


  • System introduced to measure vibration modes in turbine blades


  • 4D Technology acquired 4D Vision Technology
  • All operations moved to Tucson, AZ
  • PhaseCam 4000 series laser interferometers introduced, featuring improved imaging, calibration, and sensors
  • Custom systems in pressure-tight enclosures delivered for testing in vacuum environments


  • 4Sight Data Analysis Software introduced, establishing a new standard for interferometric measurement and analysis
  • Upgrade packages introduced to bring the power of 4Sight to older generation products from other manufacturers
  • 4D earned "Photonics Circle of Excellence" Award for PhaseCam


  • Pixelated phase-mask sensor introduced, significantly improving performance of dynamic interferometers
  • FizCam Dynamic Fizeau interferometer
  • PhaseCam MW multiple wavelength system
  • PhaseCam 5000 series with zoom imaging and motorized controls
  • 4D recognized by the R&D100 Award for FizCam


  • SpeckleCam Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer introduced for measuring shape change of large, diffuse objects
  • 4D selected as primary metrology vendor for the James Webb Space Telescope
  • 4D once again receives R&D 100 Award for PhaseCam MW multi-wavelength dynamic laser interferometer


  • Proprietary short-coherence laser source developed for isolating glass surfaces
  • Fizcam 2000 (large aperture) and PhaseCam 7000 (small aperture) are deployed with new source
  • 4D receives NASA Goddard Achievement in Excellence Award for its contribution to the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) project.


  • Offices opened on the US East Coast and in China to better serve those regions.
  • New patents received for fundamental sensor technology.
  • Introduced the FizCam 3000 fully on-axis dynamic Fizeau interferometer, and full line of Fizeau optical mounts.


  • Expanded range of wavelengths to 193 nm (DUV) through 10.6 microns(IR).
  • Expanded range of apertures to 10-300 mm.


  • Introduced the NanoCam Sq Dynamic Optical Profiler.
  • Chinese patent granted for Simultaneous Phase Shifting Interferometer.
  • China Service office opened.



  • 4D celebrates 10 years as the leader in vibration-insensitive measurement
  • Introduction of AccuFiz product line expanded to include wavelengths from 633 nm to 10.6 µm.


  • AccuFiz 6MP high resolution system developed for measuring steep slopes and aspheric optics.


  • Introduction of BioCam Quantitative Phase Microscope for video-rate measurement of live cells.
  • AccuFiz Large Aperture released, enabling measurement of 12-inch diameter optics with a standard AccuFiz instrument.
  • AccuFiz product line adds 355nm, 1.55µm and 3.8µm wavelengths, as well as DBIR, the world's first dual wavelength IR interferometer.
  • Digital Radius Slide added for accurate Radius of Curvature measurements with AccuFiz.


  • Introduction of FlexCam Metrology Module for surface roughness measurement and defect inspection in roll-to-roll processes.
  • AccuFiz re-released, with improved performance, wireless remote control and many new features and capabilities.



  • 4D introduces the PhaseCam 6100 Dynamic Interferometer, the smallest interferometer to date at only 33cm (13 inches long). Systems operating at 532nm, 633nm and SWIR versions are released, as is a high power external source for ESPI (Electronic Speckle Pattern Interference) measurement.
  • The AccuFiz Large Aperture family grows to include systems capable of measuring optics up to 800mm in diameter using a standard, affordable 10mm AccuFiz.


  • Nanometrics acquires 4D Technology as a business unit.
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