Letter from our Executive Leadership

"4D continues to uphold its reputation as the innovators in optical metrology."

– James Millerd, Vice President, 4D Technology, a Nanometrics Business Unit

James Millerd, PhD, President of 4D technology

I'd like to start by thanking our customers, vendors and representatives for making 4D Technology's recent years so successful, and for their steady support. In the past year, 4D has seen record sales, a rapidly-growing team, new patents with innovations across all of our product lines, and perhaps most saliently, our acquisition by Nanometrics.

Operating now as a Nanometrics business unit, 4D continues to uphold our reputation as leading innovators in optical metrology. From our patented Dynamic Interferometry® technology, to the latest developments in high speed imaging and industrial quality, 4D is second to none in smart metrology solutions that solve real-world problems.

Our 4D InSpec® Surface Gauge and its companion 4D InSpec XL, are the first handheld instruments for 3D measurements of surface defects and features. The versatile 4D InSpec product line makes it possible to measure surface defects right on the factory floor. Their speed and flexibility simply cannot be matched by equipment in a metrology lab. Aircraft and aerospace maintenance and repair facilities gain enormous benefits from the gauge, including a marked reduction in measurement cycle time and increased yields from reduced scrap and rework.

Our family of AccuFiz® Fizeau interferometers has long been considered the best value for use throughout the optics shop, offering the apertures, wavelengths and features for a wide range of measurements. The new on-axis dynamic AccuFiz offers a retrace-error cancelling beam path, while preserving our game-changing dynamic acquisition. Our innovative Large Aperture Accessories leverage the performance of a standard AccuFiz for measuring optics up to 800mm in diameter, providing the highest performance and value for measuring large optics.

The PhaseCam® 6100 is the smallest dynamic interferometer, capable of taking on the largest jobs. At just 33cm long the PhaseCam is the new the go-to system for making tough measurements over long paths, from measurement towers and into environmental chambers. A new high-powered external source also facilitates highly accurate ESPI measurements using a standard PhaseCam interferometer.

Research programs from oceanography to astronomy, and industrial applications from glass manufacturing to measuring stress in plastics, have benefited by the unique strengths of our PolarCam Snapshot Micropolarizer Cameras. This year, a new line of PolarCam models has been released to improve speed, resolution and functionality for a range of new possibilities.

James Millerd, Vice President
4D Technology, a Nanometrics Business Unit