Letter from our President

"Our customers tell us the 4D InSpec is 'the Holy Grail' for shop-floor surface inspection."

– James Millerd, President of 4D Technology

James Millerd, PhD, President of 4D technology

In 2017, 4D Technology is continuing to change the landscape of optical metrology, with truly revolutionary products developed to answer our customers' very exacting needs.

Our latest advance is the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge, the first handheld instrument for high resolution measurement of surface defects and features. This innovative instrument is changing the face of inspection of precision surfaces and rotating machinery, in industries such as aerospace, energy and automotive. High resolution measurement can now be brought anywhere in a factory, repair facility or in the field, not just in a metrology lab. Measurements which once took hours are now completed in a single snap-shot. Our customers tell us it's "the Holy Grail" for precision surface inspection, with the needed combination of portability, resolution, ease of use, instant analysis, ruggedness and affordability.

Throughout our product lines we are making improvements to expand our capabilities even further. From last year's Prism Award winning  the FlexCam metrology module, which puts enormous measurement power in a small scalable package, to our Large Aperture systems for testing very large optical components, our engineers and manufacturing team take on the toughest challenges to push the boundaries a little further each time.

Whether it's our ground-breaking  PolarCam Snapshot Micropolarizer Cameras or our industry-changing, vibration-insensitive Dynamic Interferometry solutions, 4D has come to be known as the go-to company for effective solutions for challenging measurements. Where other companies are content with incremental changes, 4D continues to lead the industry, enabling new products and processes through solid, smart metrology instruments. I am proud to be part of this exceptional team and invite you to discuss your metrology needs with our experts. 

James Millerd, President
4D Technology Corporation