Precision Surfaces

Precision Surfaces

Precision Surfaces applications

Precision manufactured surfaces are utilized on everything from aircraft engine components to MEMS devices. These surfaces are designed with functionality in mind, ranging from accurate reflection in optical grade mirrors to sufficient oil retention in drive train components and proper actuation in MEMS devices.

Learn about the new 4D InSpec Surface Gauge for high resolution surface measurement, right on the shop floor.

Measuring surface roughness and surface texture of new parts is necessary to ensure optimal performance. Maintenance personnel also need to measure surfaces over time to guarantee adequate performance as a part wears.

4D Optical Surface Profilers measure surface roughness and texture, with compact instrument designs that enable measurement on robots, in gantries or directly on large components. 4D Fizeau and Twyman Green laser interferometers, while 4D NanoCam Sq and FlexCam measure measure the shape and texture of optical grade surfaces.