Real World Test Setups

4D dynamic laser interferometers thrive in environments that most interferometers simply cannot tolerate. Unlike traditional, phase-shifting interferometers, 4D dynamic laser interferometers acquire phase data instantaneously, so they can excel despite vibration, noise or air turbulence. 4D dynamic interferometers are equally at home in laboratories, manufacturing areas, clean rooms, environmental chambers, and other challenging environments.

4D dynamic laser interferometers acquire phase data instantaneously to measure despite vibration, environmental noise or air turbulence.

A PhaseCam 4020 dynamic laser interferometer used to verify alignment of the Mid-InfraRed Instrument for the JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) mission. The 4D PhaseCam measured reference alignment despite the long optical path (>11m in double pass) and air turbulence due to constant, strong air flow in the cleanroom. Courtesy of RAL Space and the MIRI EC Consortium.

4D dynamic Twyman-Green interferometer used to measure an optic in a lab environment despite vibration, noise and  air turbulence.

This PhaseCam was able to measure the spherical test optic despite operating from a separate, slightly wobbly table. Turbulence and vibration from the portable fan were also non-issues.

4D dynamic laser interferometers measuring into an environmental chamber (vacuum chamber).

This PhaseCam was elevated on a makeshift stand in order to measure into a measure into a vacuum chamber for a demonstration.

The University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory Mirror Lab manufactures some of the largest telescope mirrors in the world. This PhaseCam measures large telescope mirrors from a hexapod mount at the top of the Lab's test tower. Air turbulence in the tall tower is easily averaged out to provide accurate data that guides mirror polishing.

PhaseCam Twyman-Green Laser Interferometer measures mirror segments for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) despite vibration, noise or air turbulence

4D laser interferometers are in use by major contractors throughout the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) project. Here, a PhaseCam is used to measure the surface shape of one of JWST’s primary mirror segments in a custom-designed test station. Courtesy Tinsley Laboratories.

Do you have a photo showing your 4D laser interferometer at work in a challenging environment? Please contact us—we would love to hear from you!

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