Flat panel display production requires accurate metrology at every step of the process. 4D PhaseCam interferometers have been designed to measure flatness and defects on glass substrates, while the NanoCam Sq measures surface roughness and defects. You can also use PolarCam snapshot micropolarizer cameras to inspect polarization quality of polarizer films.

Added Technical Resources

Measurement of Space Optics and Structures

This paper presents an overview of the techniques and configurations used to build dynamic interferometers and measurement results for a variety of space-based optical components.

Vibrational Characteristics of Light-weight Mirrors

We present a technique to characterize and quantitatively measure the vibrational mode shapes and amplitudes of mirrors concurrently with surface figure testing..

Products for Displays

PhaseCam IR Interferometers

Compact, lightweight and vibration-insensitive for accurate surface and wavefront measurements at near infrared (1.053, 1.064, 1.3 and 1.55 micron) wavelengths.

Optical Profilers

NanoCam Sq  systems measure surface roughness on coated and uncoated precision surfaces to ensure the quality of polishing processes. 

PolarCam Polarization Cameras

Measure stress-induced birefringence on lenses, glass, bottles and more.

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