4Sight Analysis Software

Industry-leading acquisition and analysis software for interferometers and optical profilers.

4Sight™ interferometric data analysis software sets the standard for easy analysis of data from laser interferometers and surface roughness profilers.

4Sight Acquisition and Analysis Software

4Sight™ interferometric data analysis software sets the standard for easy analysis of data from laser interferometers and surface roughness profilers. 4Sight is designed with features that make life easy: a Microsoft Windows® interface, open data file format, extensive 2D and 3D displays, filtering, data masking, fiducial alignment, diffraction analysis and much more. With simple data exchange capability you can read and analyze data from almost any data analysis software. You can even make an analyze movies of samples as they change or move.

4Sight™ functions with virtually any phase shifting interferometer, as a stand alone workstation, and with all 4D dynamic laser interferometers and surface roughness profilometers. It gives you incredible analysis power, and a short learning curve.

“Best software in the industry.”

Michael Greenberg

Raydiance, Inc.


Acquiring interferometric measurement data is easy using the Measurement Screen in 4Sight data analysis software. You can align optics or optical systems using real time video, and store camera settings, detector masks, and trimming options for later use. Acquisition modes include single, averaged, continuous, difference and burst (movie) measurements. Web Services are available for remote operation of your laser interferometer.

The 4Sight™ Measurement Screen includes all the controls you need to make single, continuous, averaged or burst measurements are included in one screen.


4Sight offers a complete analysis software package for interferometry and laser interferometers, including: slope (X,Y, Magnitude), histograms, diffraction analysis (MTF, PSF, PSD, and Autocovariance) and geometric analysis (spot diagrams, encircled energy, and ensquared energy diagrams.). Powerful Zernike analysis includes both Zernike worksheet and Zernike table output screens.

4Sight also provides surface roughness analysis, including S parameters and ISO 10110-5 analysis.
Flexible detector, analysis, terms, and pupil mask options makes it easy to achieve sub-aperture analysis over complex regions. Thoughtful details include multiple island leveling, multiple integration algorithms unit conversions, user pupil definition, and much more. Custom analyses serve particular applications for even greater utility.


Transforming surface shape and surface roughness data with 4Sight is straightforward and reliable. General transformation options include scaling, rotation, flip X, flip Y, translations, high pass and low pass Fourier filters, median filters, and many more. The 4Sight™ data stack makes it very easy to do arithmetic operations between different laser interferometer data sets.

Fiducial transformation makes it easy to transform one measurement into the coordinates of another measurement using pre-placed fiducial markers.

Flip, rotate, scale, translate and filter data easily using 4Sight’s transformation screens.


4Sight™ interferometric data analysis software provides state-of-the-art 2D and 3D displays for visualizing data. 4Sight makes it incredibly easy to view wavefront data in 2D and 3D perspective plots that can be rotated, scaled and zoomed in real time. It is easy to view the data in different color palettes and even to create and edit your own color palettes.

4Sight wavefront analysis software provides extensive tools for visualizing data.

4Sight 2D and 3D interactive displays provide outstanding data visualization.

4Sight’s unique Measurement Flow screen shows every stage of processing and analysis.

Data Sharing

4Sight™ makes it easy to share interferometry measurement data between applications. Exchange data with MatLab, IDL, MetroPro, Opticode, Bruker Vision®, Code V®, MicroSoft Excel® and many others. 4Sight data files are saved using the HDF5 (or HDF4) data format, an open file format developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications). That means that you have open access to data for your own custom applications. From within 4Sight it’s easy to copy any numerical or graphical output and paste it into any Windows® application.

Easily import and export data for use with other data analysis software and interferometers.

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