High resolution to measure aspheres and steep slopes.

AccuFiz 6MP High Resolution Laser Interferometer

AccuFiz6MPLargeThe AccuFiz 6MP laser interferometer provides the highest available resolution for measuring steep slopes, aspheric surfaces and small diameter optics. Its 2400 x 2400 pixel sensor doubles the measurable spatial frequency range and quadruples the sampling capability of standard Fizeau interferometers. The added resolution makes it possible to measure surface shape earlier in the manufacturing process and to capture polishing marks despite high fringe counts. Measure spherical/aspherical optics and molds with unprecedented accuracy. Use the AccuFiz 6MP's high pixel density and optional High Power Alignment Laser for accurate measurement of smaller optics.

A range of laser sources, aperture sizes, mounting components and accessories provides flexibility for a wide range of applications and budgets. Optional dynamic mode lets you measure despite vibration and air turbulence, without an air table.

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