AccuFiz Visible and NIR Fizeau Interferometers

Compact, high value Fizeau for shop-wide optics measurement.

An unmatched combination of performance, quality and value, for accurate, repeatable measurement of surface shape and transmitted wavefront quality. 

AccuFiz Fizeau Interferometer

AccuFiz Visible and NIR Fizeau Description

The AccuFiz is extremely easy to use in confined lab spaces. Its compact, lightweight design is extremely rigid for maximum stability in any orientation or environment.

In production environments as well as in the lab the AccuFiz provides industry leading repeatability. Only AccuFiz includes Smart Zoom™ to ensure accurate lateral resolution over the entire 1X–10X zoom range. Diffraction-limited imaging provides unparalleled resolution, particularly at mid-spatial frequencies, to measure polishing artifacts that other interferometers miss.

AccuFiz Fizeau Interferometer Handheld Controller

Remote Control

Control the AccuFiz Fizeau interferometer with a touch screen device.

A dynamic Fizeau interferometer uses the polarization of light to measure all data simultaneously.

Vibration insensitive

Optional Dynamic Interferometry for measurement on the shop floor or in a clean room, despite vibration, without isolation.

Fizeau Interferometer mounts, optics and accessories

Full range of options and accessories

Designed for flexibility, the AccuFiz family includes a range of laser sources, aperture sizes, mounting components and accessories.

AccuFiz Fizeau Interferometer with Surface Isolation Source for measureing plane-parallel optics

Plane parallel optics

Surface Isolation Source option measures plane-parallel optics without coatings or back-surface treatment.

AccuFiz Fizeau Interferometer in horizontal mounting application

Horizontal Mount

Vibration-free operation does not require an air table.

AccuFiz Fizeau Interferometer in look-down configuration (vertical stand)

Vertical Mount

Stands are available for look-down and look-up operation.

AccuFiz Fizeau Interferometer with 100mm aperture or 150mm aperture

100mm or 150mm apertures

Optimized optical trains for 4 inch or 6 inch apertures. 

What to expect

AccuFiz 100mm (4 inches), 150mm (6 inches), and 300mm (12 inches) aperture systems are available as standard in the mainframe.

Aperture Converters are available to convert the 4 in. aperture to 150mm (6 in), 300mm (12 in), 600mm (24 in) and 800mm (32 in).

Unstabilized and stabilized sources are offered. Stabilized sources provide higher power and a longer coherence length which does not drift with temperature, simplifying long-cavity measurements.

Wavelengths in NIR are optional, versus the standard 632.8nm HeNe laser.
Table 1 shows the available AccuFiz models.

AccuFiz Model Stabilized Laser Wavelength Camera Extended Source Optical Zoom
E100, E150 No 633 nm 1.44 MP, 12-bit Yes Optional 6X
E100S, E150S Yes 633 nm 1.44 MP, 12-bit Yes Optional 6X
H100S, H150S Yes 633 nm 6 MP, 12-bit Yes No
E100-532, E150-532 Yes 532 nm 1.44 MP, 12-bit Yes Optional 6X
S100-1053, S150-1053 Yes 1053 nm 1.44 MP, 12-bit Yes Optional 6X

AccuFiz interferometers are sold as a turnkey interferometric systems:

  1. Interferometer
  2. Advanced software for taking measurements and analyzing the results
  3. Complete computer system
  4. Connecting cables and power supplies

Accessories can include:

  • Optical mounts
  • Reference optics (flat or spheres)
  • Linear table guides
  • Stands for horizontal, look-down or look-up mounting

4Sight™ wavefront analysis software, included with every AccuFiz, features excellent ease of use and a short learning curve. 2D and 3D displays, filtering, thresholds and masking tools make it easy to highlight surface shape and texture. Zernike, Seidel, geometric and diffraction analyses are easy to perform. Comprehensive data sharing capabilities let you read, write, save and print data in many common file formats for comparison between instruments. Optional 4Front™ software enables real-time measurement for system alignment, and fast averaging of many datasets.

  • Adjustable Extended Source
  • Surface Isolation Source
  • Dynamic Interferometry mode
  • Optical Zoom
  • Radius of Curvature


analysis software

Fizeaus and optical production

AccuFiz Fizeaus are well suited to optics manufacturing.

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