Measure IR optics and systems at 1.55—10.6 microns.

AccuFiz IR Interferometers

AccuFiz IR interferometers provide accurate measurement of polished or rough-ground optics and metal surfaces. AccuFiz infrared laser interferometers are ideal for measuring concave, convex and afocal IR components, as well as infrared telescopes and lens systems. Their ability to capture high slopes makes it possible to measure aspherical optics without the need for a holographic element.

AccuFiz IR interferometers are loaded with standard features, such as a touch-screen remote, 2X discrete zoom and fully motorized controls. Optional Dynamic mode lets you measure despite vibration and air turbulence, without an air table.

AccuFiz SWIR
Operating at
1.55 µm

AccuFiz SWIR IR interferometers 1.55 micron laser interferometer

AccuFiz MWIR
Operating at
3.8 μm

AccuFiz MWIR IR interferometers 3.8 micron laser interferometer

AccuFiz LWIR
Operating at
10.6 μm

AccuFiz LWIR IR Interferometers 10.6 micron laser interferometer

AccuFiz DBIR
Operating at
3.8 μm & 10.6 µm

AccuFiz DBIR IR Interferometers 3.8 micron laser interferometer 10.6 micron laser interferometer
For cost-effectiveness and flexibility

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