12 in aperture (300 mm) for large flats.

FizCam 2000 12" Aperture

FizCam2000-300largeThe FizCam 2000 12 inch aperture Fizeau laser interferometer combines vibration insensitivity and instantaneous phase measurement for highly accurate characterization of large optics including telescope lenses and mirrors.

FizCam 2000 dynamic laser interferometers simultaneously capture all phase data simultaneously, allowing high-resolution measurement despite vibration and air turbulence.

The FizCam 2000 12-inch (300 mm) aperture system is ideal for measurement of large diameter flats. An optional extended path-matching feature enables cavity lengths to 2 meters.

The FizCam 2000’s proprietary laser source enables measurements which would otherwise be difficult or impossible, such as measurement of thin, plane parallel glass. The system can also measure “remote cavities,” in which both the test and reference surfaces are physically separated from the interferometer, as when measuring large telescope and satellite optics.

  • Fizeau Interferometers
    Compact laser interferometers for quality verification of optical components and systems, in the lab or on the shop floor.
  • Twyman-Green Interferometers
    Vibration-insensitive, compact systems for measuring convex, aspheric and flat optics, even in extreme environments.
  • Optical Surface Profilers
    Portable dynamic optical profilometers for measuring surface roughness of large and small optics and precision components, despite vibration and turbulence. for roughness measurement and defect quantification of roll-to-roll processes.
  • Defect Inspection Gauges
    Compact, high resolution, shop-floor tough tools for measuring surface defects.
  • Imaging Polarimeters
    Small, fast, field-proven sensors for image enhancement, process control and polarimetry measurements.
  • Custom Solutions
    Purpose-built optical metrology instruments that overcome difficult environments, complex setups and challenging measurement applications.
  • Software
    Data acquisition, analysis and visualization tools for use with 4D instruments or for stand-alone operation.
  • 3rd Party Interferometer Support
    Hardware and software solutions for greatly improve performance of laser interferometers from Buccini, Zygo (Ametek), ADE-Phase Shift, Bruker (Veeco, Wyko), and others.

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