NanoCam HD Optical Profilers

Compact, Vibration-Immune Roughness Measurement

The NanoCam™ HD dynamic profiler measures surface roughness on small to meter scale coated and uncoated optics, as well as precision metals, plastics, and other polished specular surfaces. With unmatched flexibility, the light weight NanoCam HD can be easily positioned on large parts by hand, or mounted on a gantry or robotic arm to measure with sub-angstrom level repeatability and precision.

With the NanoCam HD you can measure finish:

  • anywhere on a large surface
  • inside production stations and polishing equipment
  • multiple parts arrayed on a table
  • directly on large optics and mirror segments.

Portability and on-machine capability significantly reduce the handling and transportation of large optics, increases throughput and dramatically reduces the risk of damage to expensive, critical optics.

The NanoCam HD replaces the NanoCam Sq.

NanoCam HD Description

The NanoCam HD surface roughness profiler utilizes Dynamic Interferometry®, with a high-speed optical sensor that measures thousands of times faster than traditional profilers. Because acquisition time is so short, the NanoCam HD can measure despite vibration, making it possible to mount the instrument on a gantry or robot end effector as well as inside of a polishing station to measure polishing quality.

Applications for NanoCam HD optical profilers include surface roughness of small and large coated/uncoated optics, on-machine surface roughness metrology, and process control for polishing operations, including measuring superpolish.

 New autofocus capability allows for faster, more consistent measurements requiring fewer manual adjustments. Measure parts with reflectivity from 0.5% to 100% without changing reference optics. Single cable, power-over-ethernet operation can be combined with high speed innovative software for data acquisition and analysis in a laptop environment for added portability.

NanoCam HD Dynamic Optical Profilers include 4Sight Focus advanced analysis software. Industry-leading 4Sight Focus software reports ISO 25178 surface roughness parameters (S parameters) and provides extensive 2D and 3D analysis options, data filtering, masking and import/export functions.

What to expect

The compact, lightweight NanoCam HD measurement head measures just 9.6 x 9.6 x 3.3 inches and weighs less than 10 pounds, making it very easy to position. Acquisition time of 100 µsec enables measurement despite noise and vibration. 

Multiple mounting options include a motorized, joystick controlled tripod, mobile workstation, and interfaces to polishing equipment, gantries or robots.

Long working distance interference objectives provide magnifications from 0.9X through 20X, as well as compensated objectives for measuring through glass. Each objective can measure samples with reflectivity from 1% to 100% without changing reference optics.

The NanoCam HD system includes:

  1. Optical profiler measurement head
  2. Complete computer system
  3. 4Sight Focus software for taking measurements and analyzing results
  4. Connecting cables and power supplies

Optional accessories include:

  • Long working distance objectives from 0.9X–20X (50X custom)
  • Joystick-controlled tripod with  tip/tilt and z-travel
  • Mobile workstation
  • Dovetail or Schunk mount for robots, gantries, or on-machine interfaces
  • <1 Å super-smooth calibration mirror

4D Technology 4Sight Focus Analysis Software

New 4Sight Focus™ analysis software features a user-friendly interface for rapid data acquisition and analysis of ISO 25178 S (surface roughness) parameters.

Intuitive masking and filtering make it easy to investigate and quantify surface structure and roughness features.

Highlighted Features

Compact and Lightweight

Measure roughness anywhere on large optics, mirror segments or small optics



Multiple mounting options and objectives for excellent flexibility and portability. Measure surfaces with reflectivity from 0.5% to 100%.

Vibration Immune

Acquisition speeds as fast as 100 microseconds make the NanoCam HD immune to vibration, so it can measure on robots, on gantries or in polishing stations.

Automation Ready

Quickly integrates to popular collaborative robots for repeatable measurement inside a large volume, across a large plane or sphere, on large, complex shapes—even upside down.


analysis software

Roughness and Finish 

View our application page on surface roughness measurement.


Measuring Segmented Mirrors

Read about measuring segmented mirrors on  our application page.

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