Optical Surface Profilers

4D dynamic optical surface profilers measure roughness and defects on smooth and supersmooth surfaces. Non-contact, immune to vibration and extremely portable, these unique instruments are able to perform in the most challenging environments, at production speeds.

NanoCam Sq dynamic optical surface profilerThe NanoCam Sq dynamic optical surface profiler measures surface roughness on supersmooth optics and precision surfaces. The non-contact NanoCam Sq is a vast improvement over the messy replication methods required with traditional workstation optical profilers and provides excellent portability for measuring large optics.

flexcam optical surface profiler, metrology moduleThe FlexCam provides high resolution 3D metrology in a highly compact package. FlexCam can be used as an affordable, stand-alone optical surface profiler for in situ measurement of surface roughness or defects on large optics, such as glass windows or films.

4D InSpec Surface Gauge: handheld, high resolution for measuring surface defects on precision machined surfacesThe 4D InSpec Surface Gauge is the world's first handheld, portable instrument for measuring defects and fine features on precision machined surfaces. The revolutionary 4D InSpec accurately measures on curved surfaces, under flanges, inside bores and across large surfaces—in just seconds.