4Sight 2D Contour Plot

4Sight interferometric data analysis software sets the standard for easy analysis of data from laser interferometers and surface roughness profilers. 4Sight is designed with features that make life easy: a Microsoft Windows® interface, open data file format, extensive 2D and 3D displays, filtering, data masking, fiducial alignment, diffraction analysis and much more. With simple data exchange capability you can read and analyze data from almost any data analysis software.

This PolarView screen capture shows stress in well plates. The left image shows Average Intensity; the right image shows the Degree of Linear Polarization (DoLP).

PolarView software is an option for PolarCam cameras that provides real-time display and calculation of key polarization parameters, including Degree of Linear Polarization (DoLP), Angle of Linear Polarization (AoLP), linear Stokes parameters (S0, S1 and S2) and more. Dozens of included tools let you scale, sample, analyze and visualize the data, then save images and movies of each parameter. The Polarization Ellipse tool lets you determine and visualize the AoLP, Circularity and Linearity of the dataset.

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