Multi-wavelength interferometer for measuring tall steps.

PhaseCam 4000MW

PhaseCam MultiWave multiple wavelength interferometerMultiple wavelength interferometer RD&D 100 Award winner

The PhaseCam® 4000MW dynamic multiple wavelength interferometer was designed for aligning and phasing the next generation of multiple mirror telescope systems. The PhaseCam MW uses multiple wavelengths to measure large steps, with a 1000 x 1000 achromatic phase sensor capable of measuring features up to 10 mm deep. Fast multi-wave acquisition in as little as 30 microseconds allows measurement even in the presence of vibration and air turbulence.

The PhaseCam MW multiple wavelength interferometer is ideal for applications, such as in-line process control, where vibration prohibits the use of conventional phase-shifting laser interferometers. Other applications such as measuring the relative tilt and height of MEMS structures benefit from the PhaseCam MW's large dynamic range.

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