Twyman-Green espi laser interferometer

Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry with the PhaseCam 6100.

A high-power 532 nm external source adds ESPI capability to the compact, versatile PhaseCam 6100.

PhaseCam 6100 ESPI Description

Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry makes it possible to measure the change in shape of structures with diffuse surfaces.

the PhaseCam® 6100 ESPI includes a high power, 532 nm external source to measure the deformations of the entire surface simultaneously, without attaching auxiliary optics to the test article. 

 The PhaseCam 6100 interferometer is compact, lightweight, vibration-immune, and only 13 inches in length. A high resolution 4MP imaging sensor and motorized controls make it ideal for measuring large surfaces over long stand-off distances, in noisy or vibration-rich environments.

The PhaseCam 6100 dynamic laser interferometer incorporates a high-speed optical phase sensor that makes wavefront measurements in as little as 30 microseconds—over 5000 times faster than a phase shifting interferometer. Such short acquisition time means the PhaseCam can be used in the noisiest environments, without vibration isolation or turbulence control. Applications include measurement of large, focal optical systems such as concave telescope mirrors and lens systems, as well as deformable mirrors and adaptive optics.

Vibration insensitive

30 microsecond data acquisition time

High Power Source

Provides Sufficient illumination to measure very large, diffuse structures.

Compact and Lightweight

Designed with performance and remote measurement in mind. Small, lightweight, easy to mount and reposition quickly.

Data analysis and visualization

Highly developed data analysis software and controlling computer provided

What to expect

Operating at 532 nm, the PhaseCam 6100 ESPI includes an external, high powered, fiber coupled source for illuminating large structures with diffuse surfaces.

The compact PhaseCam is easy to position and can measure even in environments with significant vibration and noise.

4D supplies a turnkey interferometric system:

  • PhaseCam 6100 Interferometer
  • Fiber-coupled ESPI Source Module
  • Advanced software for taking measurements and analyzing the results
  • Complete computer system
  • Cooling system
  • Zoom lens
  • Connecting cables and power supplies.

    4Sight wavefront analysis software features a user-friendly interface with unmatched simplicity, analysis features and graphical displays. 

    The measurement functions assist in alignment and measurement execution, and set-up of masking, reference subtraction, terms removal, and similar matters. 

    Data analysis functions such as Zernike, Seidel, geometric and diffraction analysis are easy to perform. 

    Share your data across many analysis applications, such as MatLab and CodeV. 


    analysis software

    PhaseCam and telescope optics

    Check out our application page on telescope optics.

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