Vacuum Compatible Laser Interferometer

For thermal and vacuum testing of optical components and systems

The small PhaseCam is mounted in a pressure vessel, enabling remotely-operated testing inside environmental and cryovac chambers.

Vacuum Compatible PhaseCam

The PhaseCam® Twyman-Green system provides accurate, quantitative measurement of surface shape, even in the presence of vibration or air turbulence. The vacuum-compatible PhaseCam includes fully automated controls, enabling mounting in remote locations. The stainless steel case enables the PhaseCam to be operated within a vacuum chamber.

The PhaseCam’s patented optical configuration and 4MP camera permit high-resolution, interferometric measurement of optical phase in as little as 30 microseconds. Such high speed makes it possible to measure with the significant vibration often found in environmental chambers. A range of diverging lenses provide versatility for positioning the instrument in your measurement path.

 The compact system installs easily, with nitrogen-based cooling and a single 2-cable tether providing all electronics connections. 

Vibration insensitive

30 microsecond data acquisition time—measure despite pump noise and vibration

Test setup flexibility

Easy positioning within the test path—and inside the pressure vessel/test chamber

Accessory optics

A wide range of diverging lenses further simplifies the test setup

What to expect

Operating at 632.8 nm, the HeNe-based PhaseCam measures surface error and wavefront transmission of optics at their operating pressure and/or temperature.

It is ideal for long optical-path measurement of large focal systems, as well as deformable mirrors and adaptive optics. It’s highly popular in measuring concave telescopes mirrors and lens systems. It’s also great for testing small aperture afocal components like flat mirrors and collimators.

  • Meter-class telescopes
  • Quality verification of optical components
  • Vacuum and environmental chamber tests

4D supplies a turnkey interferometric system:

  1. Self-contained,motorized interferometer
  2. Nickel plated aluminum pressure vessel with air and electronic connections
  3. Advanced analysis software for acquiring and analyzing measurements
  4. Complete computer system
  5. Connecting cables and electronics box

Accessories include:

  • Optical mounts
  • Reference optics
  • Diverging lenses for varying the beam shape

4Sight Focus Data Acquisition and Analysis Software4Sight Focus wavefront acquisition and analysis software utilizes a user-friendly interface with unmatched simplicity, analysis features and graphical displays.

4Sight’s 64-bit acquisition engine produces rapid analysis and display of single, averaged or burst measurements. Continuous data acquisition and real-time Zernike bar plots provide real-time visual feedback for simplifying optical system or beam train alignment.

The user-friendly interface makes data comparison, manipulation, masking, reference subtraction, filtering and terms removal simple to perform. Zernike, Seidel, geometric and diffraction analyses are standard. Comprehensive data sharing capabilities let you read, write, and save most file types, including Zemax, MatLab, Vision, MetroPro, HDF5 and CodeV.


analysis software

Cryo-vac and Thermal Testing

Check out our application page 

  • Large primary mirrors
  • Concave secondary mirrors
  • Segmented mirrors
  • Cryovac and thermal testing
  • Adaptive optics

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