Twyman-Green Accessories

For PhaseCam Visible & NIR and PhaseCam IR

Diverging Lenses

High-quality diverging lenses integrate easily with PhaseCam laser interferometer systems and feature low stray reflections. Range of f/#s includes F/1, F/2, F/2.5, F/3, F/4, F/5, F/6, F/7.1, F/8,5, F/10, F/12, F/15, F/17, F/21 and F/32. IR and custom diverging lenses are also available.

laser interferometer Diverging Optics

5-Axis Mount

Provides optimal X, Y and Z positioning and tip/tilt adjustment for the PhaseCam 6000 Dynamic Laser Interferometer.

PhaseCam 6000 dynamic laser interferometer

Reference Optics

Coated and 4% reference spheres are available with NA = 0.1, 0.4 and 0.70. All are mounted, with λ/10 PV @ 632.8 nm.

Beam Expanders

25mm and 45mm Beam Expanders with 95% clear aperture. For PhaseCam 6000.

laser interferometer accessories, beam expander

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