Twyman-Green Options & Accessories

4D offers a broad array of digerging lens, beam expanders, mounts, cables and other options for our PhaseCam Twyman-Green laser Interferometers. 

5-Axis Stand

This highly stable stand mounts the PhaseCam 6000 or PhaseCam 6100 and provides accurate positioning in X, Y, Z, tip and tilt.

Dovetail Mount

This mounting plate lets you securely attach a PhaseCam 6000 or PhaseCam 6100 laser interferometer to the 5-Axis stand or to your custom mounting hardware.

Diverging Lenses

Our broad line of diverging optics match the radius of curvature of your concave test surface.

Diverging lenses at 633nm wavelength are available from EFL=9 mm through EFL=22mm, in quality of λ/5,  λ/8 and  λ/10 PVr.

Divergers are also available at other visible, NIR and IR wavelengths.

Beam Expanders

A beam expander matches the wavefront to the curvature of your convex test surface.

22.5mm and 45mm beam expanders are available for PhaseCam 633nm Twyman-Green Interferometers. The 22.5mm expander provides 95% clear aperture, with λ/8 PVr quality. The 45mm expander provides 95% clear aperture, with λ/4 PVr quality.

Custom beam expanders are available for other sizes and wavelengths.

Relay Tube

Sometimes the test apparatus, optics or other obstacles make it impossible to position the instrument and lens close enough to the test optic in order to focus.  In these cases, a relay tube moves the focus range of the system away from the instrument. The standard relay tube length is 240 mm. Custom lengths are available.

The image at left shows a combination relay tube and beam expander.

Reference Optics

Cell-mounted reference spheres enable system calibration to 0.05λ accuracy. Spheres are available from NA=0.06 through NA=0.7, with either λ/10 or λ/20 PVr quality. Choose either high reflector and 4% uncoated spheres.

Cell-mounted reference mirrors with λ/20 PVr quality are available in 25mm or 50mm diameter, as high reflectors or with 4% uncoated return.

Alignment Lasers

Visible alignment lasers provide a visible beam that helps you align your infrared test setup with NIR, SWIR and MWIR PhaseCam systems.

Extended Cables

Extended cables make it possible to mount a PhaseCam in a remote location and control it from a distance.  10m and 20m kits are available for both the PhaseCam 6000 and PhaseCam 6100.

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