AccuFiz D Short Coherence Fizeau Interferometer

Measure thin, transparent optics without coating the surfaces.

Isolate and measure the individual surfaces of transparent optics such as windows and domes. Measure remote cavities and optical thickness, even on thinner materials.

Fizeau Interferometer - AccuFiz Surface Isolation Source for measuring plane parallel optics

Vibration-insensitive measurement

Measuring thin, transparent optics is an extremely challenging application. Reflections from the two, close surfaces create a complex fringe pattern that is difficult or impossible to measure.

The AccuFiz D Dynamic Fizeau interferometer provides high accuracy measurement of flat and curved transparent optics. Its short coherence length source means you can measure plane-parallel surfaces <0.2 mm apart without the need for coating to eliminate unwanted fringes. A fast, automated internal system lets you quickly scan to locate and isolate each surface.

The source also lets you isolate and measure the individual surfaces in complex optical systems, perform remote cavity and solid cavity tests, and even measure into environmental and vacuum chambers.

The AccuFiz D eliminates the need for slow, vibration-sensitive phase shifting. Its patented, single camera, high-speed phase sensor makes a complete wavefront measurement in as little as 150 microseconds. Because acquisition time is so short, the system can be used under almost any conditions, even for measuring moving parts, without vibration isolation.

The AccuFiz D features a completely on-axis design, meaning the reference and test beams follow nominally identical paths through the instrument’s imaging optics. As a result, aberrations and thickness variations in the system’s internal optics cancel out. The result: highly accurate measurements, even on non-spherical domes and other curved surfaces.

Shop-wide versatility

The dynamic AccuFiz D is insensitive to vibration, so it can operate in environments where other instruments simply cannot. Use the AccuFiz D right on the shop floor to measure:

  • Windows, thin glass, sapphire wafers
  • Domes and other curved, transparent components
  • Flats, spheres, prisms
  • Polished semiconductor components
  • Remote cavities
  • Solid cavities
  • Optical thickness
  • Transmission of components and systems
  • Moving parts
  • parts in vacuum and environmental chambers

Large aperture options

The AccuFiz D is fully compatible with 4D large optics accessories. These beam expanders and mounts enable easy handling and measurement of large optics, with 12 in (300 mm), 18 in (450 mm) and 24 in (600 mm) and 32 in (800 mm) options. Kinematic mounting means you can use the interferometer with the accessories, remove it to use in stand-alone mode, then return it to the beam expander without realignment.

What to expect

The compact, lightweight and rugged AccuFiz D features vibration-insensitive, dynamic operation, enabling it to be used in the most challenging enviroments and applications. The AccuFiz D includes a 4MP camera, 10X zoom and an adjustable extended source. The hand controller enables remote operation adjust focus, zoom and extended source size, as well as acquiring data.   

An AccuFiz D interferometer is a turnkey instrument including:

  1. AccuFiz D 100 mm aperture interferometer
  2. Fiber-coupled source module
  3. Advanced software for taking measurements and analyzing the results
  4. Complete computer system
  5. Connecting cables and power supplies.
4Sight™ Focus wavefront analysis software, features a user-friendly interface with unmatched simplicity, analysis features and graphical displays. Acquire single, averaged, burst or continuous measurements, access all settings, and display results from dozens of analyses, all from a single screen. Zernike, Seidel, geometric and diffraction analyses are all easy to perform. Comprehensive data sharing lets you read, write, save and print from most file types.

analysis software

Fizeaus and optical production

AccuFiz Fizeaus are well suited to optics manufacturing.

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