Fizeau Interferometers

AccuFiz UV, Visible, and NIR

AccuFiz Fizeau interferometers offer an unmatched combination of performance, quality and value, for accurate, repeatable measurement of surface shape and transmitted wavefront quality. AccuFiz laser interferometers are extremely easy to use in confined lab spaces. The compact, lightweight design is extremely rigid for maximum stability in any orientation or environment.

Wavelengths from 355 nm through 1.064 µm, apertures from 33 to 800 mm, and horizontal and vertical mounting configurations, providing the right options for a wide range of applications and budgets.

The optional 6 megapixel, high resolution camera captures the highest slopes of any commercial interferometer. Measure aspheres, freeform optics and highly aberrated elements.

The optional Surface Isolation Source (SIS) adds the ability to measure plane-parallel optics without coatings or back-surface treatments to eliminate unwanted reflections. Quantify shape optical thickness, transmitted wavefront error and homogeneity on optics as thin as 300 µm.

fizeau interferometer, laser interferometer, AccuFizIts compact, lightweight design is extremely rigid for maximum stability in any orientation or environment. In production environments as well as in the lab the AccuFiz provides industry leading repeatability. Only AccuFiz includes Smart Zoom™ to ensure accurate lateral resolution over the entire 1X–10X zoom range.

high resolution fizeau interferometer, laser interferometer, AccuFizThe AccuFiz 6MP laser interferometer provides the highest available resolution for measuring steep slopes, aspheric surfaces and small diameter optics. Its 2400 x 2400 pixel sensor doubles the measurable spatial frequency range and quadruples the sampling capability of standard Fizeau interferometers.

fizeau interferometer, short coherence, laser interferometer, AccuFizPlane-parallel optics are transparent components with parallel faces, or systems with two or more parallel surfaces. Measuring plane-parallel optics with a laser interferometer can be challenging, as the parallel surfaces can all contribute interference fringes, making measurement extremely difficult or impossible.

AccuFiz Measurement System for 600mm Optics, including (right to left): The AccuFiz 100mm aperture interferometer, 100-600mm Aperture Converter, Phase Shifting Tip/Tilt Mount and Rotational Tip/Tilt Mount.

High performance aperture converters and mounts let you leverage the performance of a standard AccuFiz to measure optics up to 800mm in diameter. Kinematic mounting makes it possible to quickly remove the AccuFiz for stand-alone operation, then to return it to the aperture converter with no need for re-alignment.

AccuFiz IR Wavelength Fizeau Interferometers

AccuFiz IR Fizeau interferometers provide the performance, quality and value found in AccuFiz visible systems for accurate, repeatable measurement at infrared wavelengths. Wavelengths from 1.55 µm through 10.6 µm enable measurement of IR components and systems at their functional wavelength, as well as measurement of rough polished optics.

Near IR wavelengths are available as well, including 1.053 and 1.064 µm.

ir interferometer, infrared laser interferometer, fizeau interferometer, laser interferometer, AccuFizAccuFiz IR interferometers Include:

  • AccuFiz SWIR, operating at 1.55 µm
  • AccuFiz MWIR, operating at 3.8 μm
  • AccuFiz LWIR, operating at 10.6 μm
  • AccuFiz DBIR, operating at both 3.8 μm and 10.6 µm sources, for cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

FizCam Short Coherence Laser Interferometers

FizCam dynamic short coherence laser interferometers enable challenging measurements such as remote cavities, simultaneous measurement of multiple glass surfaces, measurements in environmental testing chambers and analysis of moving parts. With acquisition time of under 1 millisecond and a completely on-axis design, FizCam systems provide extremely accurate measurement in a lab or in noisy environments such as production floors and cleanrooms.

fizeau interferometer, laser interferometer, FizCamThe FizCam 2000 Fizeau laser interferometer combines vibration tolerance, instantaneous phase measurement, the ability to isolate surfaces, and the ability to measure a remote Fizeau cavity or solid cavity, for highly accurate characterization of telescope optics, precision optics and prisms.

large aperture fizeau interferometer, laser interferometer, FizCamThe FizCam 2000 12 inch aperture Fizeau laser interferometer combines vibration insensitivity and instantaneous phase measurement for highly accurate characterization of large optics including telescope lenses and mirrors.

Fizeau Mounts and Optics

optical mounts, fizeau mounts, interferometer mounts

4D optical mounts and other accessories provide the flexibility and reliable, worry-free operation you need to complete your optical setup. Whether you require a highly repeatable test rig for production measurement or a complex setup for a unique measurement, 4D mounts and accessories will help you maximize measurement accuracy and minimize alignment and setup time.