AccuFiz Large Aperture Accessories

Measure optics to 800 mm diameter with the resolution of a standard interferometer


4D Technology large optics accessories let you measure optics up to 800 mm in diameter using a standard, 100 mm aperture AccuFiz interferometer. You can take advantage of the high wavefront quality and reliability of a standard AccuFiz to measure large flats and large-diameter curved surfaces.

Fizeau Interferometer - AccuFiz Large Aperture Laser Interferometer

Measure Large AND Small Optics with One Instrument

AccuFiz Large Aperture Converters

4D compact, high performance aperture converters produce collimated test beams of up to 800 mm diameter. Kinematic mounting makes it possible to quickly remove the AccuFiz for stand-alone operation, measuring a wide range of flat and focal optics throughout the shop. Then, return the instrument to the aperture converter to measure larger optics, with no need for re-alignment. The system can be used in horizontal or look-down configurations to maximize flexibility.


Reliable, Repeatable Optics Mounts

4D mounts provide highly repeatable tip and tilt of the test and/or reference optics. The mounts accept either sling-mounted flats, which are set in removable handling cells that provide precision, 360-degree rotation, or potted flats which can be rotated in 60 degree increments.

The 4D phase-shifting tip/tilt mount includes a piezo-actuated phase shifter for shifting the reference temporal measurements when an aperture converter is employed. 

A range of transmission and return flats are available, with λ/10 or λ/20 wavefront quality.

What to expect

Most large aperture measurement systems are custom designed for a particular diameter optic. The lengthy design process for these custom-built interferometers can be a major expense for a project, and in the end the instrument serves only one function.

4D’s aperture converters let you use a standard AccuFiz for general shop measurements, then use the same instrument to make large optic measurements with the same performance and resolution. This cost-saving approach  greatly reduces project costs, as well as making the AccuFiz one of the most flexible Fizeau interferometers available.

A large aperture AccuFiz interferometer system includes:

  1. AccuFiz 100 mm interferometer
  2. Kinematic aperture converter
  3. Motorized tip/tilt mounts for transmission and return optics
  4. Piezo-controlled mount for shifting the reference for temporal measurements
  5. Visible alignment laser system
  6. Complete computer system
  7. Connecting cables and power supplies.


4Sight™ wavefront analysis software, included with every AccuFiz, features excellent ease of use and a short learning curve. 2D and 3D displays, filtering, thresholds and masking tools make it easy to highlight surface shape and texture. Zernike, Seidel, geometric and diffraction analyses are easy to perform. Comprehensive data sharing capabilities let you read, write, save and print data in many common file formats for comparison between instruments. Optional 4Front™ software enables real-time measurement for system alignment, and fast averaging of many datasets.


analysis software

Fizeaus and optical production

AccuFiz Fizeaus are well suited to optics manufacturing.

  • Large optics, both flats and spheres
  • Qualify shape and mid-spatial frequencies
  • Measure flats, spheres, cubes and mirrors
  • Wavefront transmission quality measurements
  • Fast and precise
  • Use in Aerospace, Semiconductor and Optics industries

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