Interferometers, Polarimeters and Other 4D Technology Products

Interferometry, surface profiling, and optical metrology itself were redefined by 4D Technology over two decades ago, when we expanded applications and environments which benefited from the speed and resolution of laser interferometers and optical profilers. 4D is the technology leader in interferometer manufacturing.

Dynamic Interferometry, the technology behind many of our optical metrology products, ensures excellent performance without vibration isolation or air turbulence control. Our technology leadership provides not just the capability to measure in extreme environments such as vacuum chambers, but makes precise measurements in prosaic environments like office spaces or shop floors easy and convenient.

Purchasing 4D laser interferometers means you get installation, training, the latest computer hardware, and industry-leading data analysis and visualization software. All 4D metrology systems are backed with a comprehensive warranty and a professional service team. Browse our standard products below, or contact our knowledgeable sales team for assistance with your specific measurement needs.

  • Fizeau Interferometers
    Compact laser interferometers for quality verification of optical components and systems, in the lab or on the shop floor.
  • Twyman-Green Interferometers
    Vibration-insensitive, compact systems for measuring convex, aspheric and flat optics, even in extreme environments.
  • Optical Surface Profilers
    Portable dynamic optical profilometers for measuring surface roughness of large and small optics and precision components, despite vibration and turbulence. for roughness measurement and defect quantification of roll-to-roll processes.
  • Imaging Polarimeters
    Small, fast, field-proven sensors for image enhancement, process control and polarimetry measurements.
  • Custom Solutions
    Purpose-built optical metrology instruments that overcome difficult environments, complex setups and challenging measurement applications.
  • Software
    Data acquisition, analysis and visualization tools for use with 4D instruments or for stand-alone operation.
  • 3rd Party Interferometer Support
    Hardware and software solutions for greatly improve performance of laser interferometers from Buccini, Zygo (Ametek), ADE-Phase Shift, Bruker (Veeco, Wyko), and others.
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